How To Be Fully Responsible For Your Life and Stop Giving Your Power Away

Accepting responsibility is the foundation of high self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride. Accepting personal responsibility lies at the core of the personality of every outstanding man or woman. – Brian Tracy


Being fully responsible for your life will greatly determine how successful you will be in life. Each time you refuse to take responsibility for your life you give your power away to circumstances or other people and as a result you disempower yourself. Accepting to take responsibility in all areas of your life will turn you into someone that creates his life rather than someone who is a victim of his environment. Acknowledging that you have a part of responsibility in everything in your life and that there is always ways for improvement will give you the right mindset to grow. Ultimately, you are always responsible for your attitude, your happiness, your emotions and your actions. You are always the one who choose the way you feel, behave, act or react to your environment.

Accepting the reality

Accept the truth but don’t beat yourself up. Beating yourself up or victimizing yourself is refusing to objectively see the truth. It is a way to escape your lottery sambad by distorting the reality and creating reasons not to take action. Without accepting the reality as it is, no change is possible. You are responsible for accepting the reality.

You are responsible for your attitude


It is hard to convince people sometimes that the world experience is the reflection of their attitude. They take the attitude that if people would only be nice to them they’d be nice in return. They are like the person sitting in the front of a cold stove, waiting for the heat. Until they put in the fuel, there not gonna be any heat. It is up to them to act first. It has to start somewhere. Let it begin with us. – Earl Nightingale, Lead The Field


Working on your attitude is one of the most important thing you can do for your personal growth. Most people when they leave their house in the morning have a neutral attitude. They don’t choose their attitude. By not being aware of your attitude you give power to your environment. For instance, if you happen to be surrounded by cheerful people you will react to that cheerfulness and everything will be great. However, if you are surrounded by pessimistic people, you will easily be influenced by their negative attitude. By refusing to deliberately choose your attitude you disempower yourself, you become a comedian that simply react to your environment. You are being influenced rather than influencing. You might say to yourself “That person is not smiling at me. he’s not friendly. Why should I be friendly with him?” The problem with that argument is that that person might be thinking the exact same thing about you. Don’t give your power away, choose your attitude and be the scriptwriter of your life not a comedian reacting to life.

Decide to leave home every morning with a great attitude

Influence people by your attitude and don’t let people influenced you by their poor attitude. If people are angry, stressed or in a bad mood it is their problem not yours. Don’t change your attitude. React to people who are rude the same way you would react to people who are nice (easier to say than to do)

You are responsible for your emotions


An emotion has a very short life span. It is like a momentary ripple or wave on the surface of your Being. – Eckhart Tolle, The Power Of Now, A Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment


Happiness, sadness, stress, hopelessness and any other possible kind of emotions you feel don’t actually exist out there. They are only created by your mind. You are responsible for your emotions.It’s up to you do to do something about your emotions. If you constantly think about bad events that happened to you in the past, you are responsible. If you constantly worry about the future, you are responsible. If you react too emotionally to a present situation you are responsible. That’s why, many spiritual teachers stress the importance of:

living in the now (the only reality that exists)

acceptance (stop resisting and fully accepting the reality)

Being responsible for your emotions doesn’t mean that you are always feel with joy and can completely get rid of your negative emotions, though it is a noble ideal you should try to pursue. By accepting to be responsible for your emotions you can start improving your situation. If you realize that stress is not because of a specific situation but is the result of the way you yourself react to that situation you can start taking full responsibility for your stress and look for ways to reduce it. If a situation or a job is really too stressful for your to deal with, you can always choose to leave.

Similarly, Getting angry doesn’t have to be an automatic response to someone who insults you, disrespects you or makes fun of you. You always have a choice. Be aware that each time you react and get angry, or try to take revenge you’re choosing to give your power away to the person who is offending you. You actually make that person more important that he or she is. You might feel a strong need to react. You might insult that person in return, be sarcastic, take revenge, badmouth him in his back, or worse, fight with him. However, you have absolutely nothing to gain by doing that. You are just wasting your time and your energy. Actually, those behaviors reveal how insecure you are inside, no matter how confident you might pretend to be on the outside. A person with high self-esteem would feel less the need to be respected or approved of. What about you? How insecure are you?

By the way, the Greek stoic philosopher Epictetus said “What is insulting is not the person who abuses you or hits you, but the judgment about them that they are insulting. Another person will not do you harm unless you wish it”.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you should never react. It is also important to speak up in a polite and non aggressive way when needed. It is especially true if the person who is disrespecting you is someone you meet in a regular basis at work for instance. You really don’t want to feel any kind of resentment towards that person. So if you have something to say, say it, but don’t spend any time being angry about what someone did to you when that person is not even here. While you are worrying he/she is probably enjoying life and might not even know that you are angry at them. Say what you have to say. Write a email or ask someone else to convey your feeling to that person if you need to.

We know when we are offended. We just feel it. We also know when we will feel some resentment if we don’t speak up in a given situation. For that reason, if right now you are someone who feel offended rather easily, it is necessary that you speak up. However, the more you will work on yourself, learn to reframe situations, understand that you are too important to react to most of the situations, and grow self-esteem, the less you will feel offended. Trust your feeling. And speak up to tell people how you feel when necessary. Don’t insult, make sarcastic comments or try to take revenge!

What I personally do to deal with my anger

I acknowledge that I have a feeling of anger and focus on how anger feels in my body. Focusing on my emotions allows me to dissociate from them. Then I analyze why I am feeling that emotion.

I reframe the situation: This person has probably some problems in his life (he lost his job, he just broke up with his girlfriend, someone died in his family,. Or he is just an asshole). I transform my anger into pity and see them as weak for lacking self-control. Often, when people get angry at you, it is nothing personal. You just happen to be there at the wrong timing when they need to let off some steam.

I see myself as too important to spend any time or energy reacting to people who don’t deserve it. My peace of mind is too important

If I feel somewhat offended I try to understand why? If someone criticizes you and you feel offended, generally it means that there is at least an ounce of truth in their message. Try to find it but be aware that it is not necessary an “objective truth”. It could be something that your subconscious mind perceives as a truth. For instance, I tend to belief that not matter how hard I work, it is never enough. So if someone I know were to come to me and criticize me saying that I’m lazy, I would likely feel offended. Not because they are wrong because I am objectively working hard, but because my subconscious mind believes it to be true.



Reevaluating Your Social Media Investment

In recent years, the world has become increasingly enamored with the realm of Social Media. There are literally hundreds of differently themed social media websites that are beckoning for your attention, as well in the investment of your time, energy and resource capital to hopefully cash in on the next great social media phenomenon.

Following Facebook’s recent IPO, the Wall Street Journal reported that General Motors was pulling the plug on its Facebook advertising to the tune of 10 millions dollars due to a lack of consumer response and measurable results.

For which the ten million question then becomes… Are you actually getting a measurable return on your investment in social media?

If you are to believe all of the social media hype, anybody who is anybody is intently immersed in the culture of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Then, there is the newest and supposedly hottest social media platform yet… “Pinterest” which is touted to drive more traffic to your business than its more established predecessors. But, are these pillars of social media actually generating real customers and consistent sales revenue for your business?

If they aren’t, then like GM, maybe you too should be reevaluating your investment in social media marketing. Here’s a tip for you… don’t get caught up in the frenzy surrounding social media. Rather, start exercising due diligence in evaluating its actual potential to assist with growing your business.

While there are some glamorous and seductive success stories out there — don’t allow them to become the alluring sirens that sink your efforts on the all too often barren rocks of internet marketing. In this regard, here are some points that you may want to carefully consider about your social media exposure:

First and foremost… there are many categories of business for which the internet holds no real marketing value what-so-ever.

If your business endeavor is one that could legitimately benefit from the world wide web… you must still keep you wits about you and have a sound perspective about your internet marketing, what you expect to accomplish… and “why”.

Remember that an internet search will ultimately yield millions of results, yet only the top 10 organic search results will appear as Page 1 listings. The odds of ever being… let alone staying listed on page one are about on par with winning the Power Ball lottery sambad.

There is an age old axiom in business which states that you shouldn’t confuse activity with results. Yet, thousands and thousands of businesses are doing exactly that with regard to their internet presence. Simply consider the facts:

You could spend the money and do all of the work that it will take to eventually have 10,000 or more followers on Twitter or 10,000 plus fans on Facebook… yet the question lingers loudly… to what end?

For the most part… it’s nothing more than a popularity contest. It’s a proven fact that there are real business people who have over 1,000,000 fans on Facebook and have yet to see the first penny of sales revenue from their efforts.

Here’s the distinction that needs to be crystal clear to you… fans and followers are not and never will be “qualified leads”! Let me repeat this again because it is critically important… your fans and followers are not qualified leads who have a bonafide interest… let alone real “need”… for your product or service.

As well… there are many businesses that have invested $10,000… $20,000 and more to build their website, do extensive search engine optimization and promotion that is necessary in order to obtain a #1 Google ranking… Only to learn the hard lesson that a #1 ranking does not in any way translate into actual customers, a revenue stream or a guarantee for internet marketing success.

At the end of the business day, you want real “customers”… not fans! This requires a comprehensive understanding of exactly what distribution channels, marketing strategies and sales tactics are the winning combination for your business and the results that you want to achieve. And for that… you may need a little help.